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Hubcast Media Productions significantly reduces production costs through its innovative, Internet-based technology and decentralized production workflow.

the Hubcasting workflow

Hubcast Media Productions empowers creators to share their stories globally. By decentralizing the production process and centralizing the workflow, we enable a seamless co-creation of broadcast-quality content.

Hubcast's IP-based technology presents a solution for the co-creation of live or pre-recorded events to be produced from a decentralized production network. Content creators and producers are able to collaborate in real time, no matter where they connect into Hubcast's production network from around the world. For example, a director in London can direct cameras in a Vancouver venue that are being controlled by technicians in New York.

Any camera or production tool using Hubcasting Technology can instantly connect to one of Hubcast's centralized production workflows, minimizing barriers to market for creators. Hubcast’s network of hubs and access points will help new markets to evolve, as well as give emerging creators and storytellers a voice — especially those who have been underrepresented or underserved in mainstream media.


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