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Connect with your audience and create long-term, sustainable relationships anywhere across the globe.


Working with both terrestrial and digital broadcasting networks from around the world, Hubcast Media's global partnerships connect content creators and audiences, removing geographical barriers. Specializing in expatriate content discovery, dynamic advertisement insertion and geofenced playout solutions, Hubcast maximizes content consumption worldwide.

the UNITE Network

The UNITE Public Distribution Network is slated to be the first sustainable content ecosystem powered by a revenue generating programmatic digital advertisement insertion technology. Built on a robust over-the-top network architecture, content consumers and creators will benefit equally by engaging through this sustainable and interactive streaming platform. Launching in 2022, the UNITE Network will be accessible for everyone from YouTubers and independent content creators to major international broadcasters looking to connect with audiences globally.


H360’s digital out-of-home platform will offer targeted sponsored content and advertising opportunities for brands wanting to connect directly with consumers. The H360-powered streaming box will be installed in local businesses to showcase and financially support live events that normally lack exposure to a wider audience. H360's circular revenue model creates a funding stream that will support creators and ensure equitable partnerships at the community level. Launching in spring 2022.

revolutionizing Distribution

Hubcast Media's sustainable content ecosystem supports cost-effective and high-quality audio and video media to be distributed worldwide through an international partnership of digital and terrestrial broadcasters.

Hubcasting Technology’s scalability and versatility lower costs, generate capacity, and create additional revenue streams and business verticals for content creators, venue owners, corporations, educators, and broadcasters.


By leveraging Hubcast's network of international production and distribution partners, content that has been produced in entertainment venues such as theatres and sports arenas will be instantly available to social media platforms, streaming services, retail and commercial businesses, and broadcasters.

With this approach to content distribution, Hubcast will produce and distribute content to its following seven broadcasting verticals:

  • Entertainment

  • Music, culture, and arts 

  • Education and training

  • Sports and Esports

  • Corporate

  • Community 

  • Health and wellness

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