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Hubcast Media’s technology ecosystem is the solution to innovate, create, and effectively communicate with the world.

Who We Are

Hubcast Media is a privately held group of Vancouver-based media and technology companies, consisting of:

1. Production

2. Distribution

3. Innovations

Our Vision

To create and connect a global community through content.

Our Focuses

  • Live, remote multi-camera broadcasting via IP technology.


  • Sustainable and regenerative content distribution networks.


  • A globally collaborative and accessible production resource ecosystem.


  • Inclusive financial business modelling through both value and fiat based economic modeling.

connecting the globe

In the current pandemic world, there has been a palpable market shift towards online sustainable media solutions, and Hubcast is positioned to capture a sizable global market share in this rapidly developing space.

Hubcast actively represents the next generation of new media broadcasting production and distribution workflows. We are positioned to be the first publicly-driven, IP-based global content production and distribution network.

Our Advantages

Hubcast's global expansion will continue to specialize in all aspects of content creation, production, and distribution. 

Cost Effectiveness

Hubcast is able to significantly reduce production and distribution costs from that of traditional broadcasting systems through our innovative, IP-based technology.

High Quality

Live or recorded multi-camera 4K video and multi-channel audio production makes for broadcast-quality content.


Our scalability allows any project, of any size, anywhere in the world to have a minimal on-location footprint.

IP-Based Workflows

Content can be produced from Hubcast’s centralized studio control rooms instead of on-site production.

Hubcast Network

Hubcast’s resource network of media professionals are accessible from any of the company’s production facilities, eliminating locational barriers for content production.


Realtime bi-directional audio/video transport and control allows seamless connection between the Hubcasting Network and any connected devices.

Connect With Us


Vancouver, BC, Canada

+1 (604) 371-4744

hUBCAST Media International

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