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Joining forces to uplift BC music and culture during COVID-19

Vancouver-based Hubcast Media and historic local venue St. James Community Square are partnering to support BC’s arts and cultural industries during and beyond the pandemic.

May 3, 2021: For Immediate Release

Hubcast Media Productions Inc. and St. James Community Square (aka The Square) are pleased to announce the launch of a new broadcast-quality livestreaming service, located at The Square. This initiative is supporting emerging musicians and BC’s cultural industries during the COVID-19 pandemic by reaching audiences from anywhere they choose to be. Post-COVID-19, hybrid livestreaming will be of interest to those who may not be able to experience live shows due to locational barriers or financial constraints.

Hubcast and The Square are combining forces to facilitate opportunities for musicians and other cultural groups to virtually broadcast their content to a variety of different audiences. With Hubcast’s next-generation multi-cam broadcasting system using IP technology, and St. James’ exquisite heritage venue, this partnership merges culture and technology. Together they are bringing an unparalleled quality to the experience of virtual live events. Streaming is accessible to audiences anywhere.

The series kicked off on March 12th with a brilliant performance by folk band Early Spirit Trio in the Mel Lehan Hall at The Square, followed by a March 20th performance by the versatile quartet, The Hazmatics.

Hubcast Media aims to create and connect a global community by democratizing content and cultivating an inclusive media landscape. St. James Community Square serves as a hub of community engagement where participants take part in vibrant and diverse cultural programming. This collaboration will improve accessibility for both artists and spectators.

The service is being supported by Creative BC, an independent society created and supported by the Province to sustain and help grow British Columbia’s creative industries, during COVID times and thereafter. With the support of Creative BC, the partnership between Hubcast and St. James Community Square brings new technology into a beloved historic venue to uplift BC’s live music and cultural industries in 2021.

“We are pleased and excited to partner with Hubcast Media to provide multi-camera broadcast quality live-streaming at St. James. This technology will create opportunities for artists and adapt our historic hall with its heritage features to COVID-19 times and beyond.”

Elaine Murray,

Board of Directors Chair, St. James Community Square

“Hubcast is excited to offer cost-effective streaming solutions to St. James Community Square and the Rogue Folk Club. Now more than ever, it’s important to support BC’s music industry and creative community with ways to promote and share inspiring and meaningful content.”

Peter Young,

President, Hubcast Media Productions Inc.

More details on the partnership between Hubcast and The Square can be found here:



St. James Community Square provides a gathering place for creative expression, recreation, and discovery. It is centrally located in Kitsilano, and provides services to Greater Vancouver. We offer affordable and accessible space for a diverse range of cultural, social, educational, and recreational, presentations, programs, and partnerships.

More information about St. James Community Square can be found here:


Hubcast Media originated in 2016 to support independent producers and to create and share broadcast-quality content in a rapidly changing broadcasting ecosystem. The company is at the forefront of the new media industry, positioned to be the first globally-based, public IP broadcasting network. Hubcast is quickly expanding domestically and soon to be internationally.

Learn more about Hubcast Media at


Jennifer Palfery

Communications Specialist, Hubcast Media

Office: (604) 371-4744 ext. 11603

St. James Community Square

Office: (604) 739-9373


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