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Spreading the Rainbow with Vancouver Pride for the 43rd Annual Pride Parade

Hubcast Media was proud to partner with the Vancouver Pride Society to produce and broadcast the annual Pride Parade, which had a twist: This year the parade was decentralized as part of Vancouver Pride's #ChooseYourPride celebrations.

This was the 43rd annual Pride Parade in Vancouver, but the second year that the VPS planned a series of unique hybrid events that abided by Provincial Health Guidelines in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Held on August 1st, the Decentralized Pride Parade was hosted by media personality and Hubcast’s own Senior Creative Producer Fiona Forbes and DJ Softieshan (Shanique Kelly) who were broadcasting live from the stunning patio at Mahony's Tavern in False Creek utilizing Hubcast’s innovative technology.

Vancouver Pride icons reported on location from #ChooseYourPride events around the city, including Kendall Gender at Jim Deva Plaza in Vancouver’s West End; Joan-E at Craft Beer Market in English Bay; and Yogi Omar at the VanPrideFest which was taking place at Jonathan Rogers Park in Mount Pleasant.

Viewers from throughout the province were also invited to be part of the live broadcast by sending pictures and video clips of their at-home celebrations.

Watch the Decentralized Pride Parade below. You can also view the Pride Summer Series with performances by the Pack A.D, Strange Breed, Parlour Panther and Old Soul Rebel captured and produced by Hubcast Media. Visit the VPS's Facebook page here.

It was a pleasure to work the entire Vancouver Pride Society's team for the 2021 Decentralized Pride Parade and the Summer Series. Thank you to the society, as well as the following sponsors and partners: TD; the Province of British Columbia; SoundON / Creative BC; and Fido Mobile.



The Vancouver Pride Society strives to produce events that reflect the pride the LGBTQAI2S+ community has in itself, by strengthening the sense of community, and contributing to the vibrancy, health and overall well-being of all persons in the community.

More information about The Vancouver Pride can be found here:


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