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About Us

HUBCAST MEDIA INTERNATIONAL (HMI) is a group of media and technology companies with one vision: to create and connect a global community through content. 

The company is setting new standards in media design and solutions with the launch of its three corporate divisions: 


  • Hubcast Media Productions

  • Hubcast Media Distribution

  • Hubcast Media Innovations


Our 2021 expansion will see HMI specialize in all aspects of content creation, production and distribution through its next-generation of disruptive technologies. 

Its critical focus includes: 


  • Live multi-cam broadcasting via IP

  • Regenerative content distribution

  • Inclusive financial business modeling 


HMI is positioned to be the first publicly-driven, IP-based global content production and distribution network. In the current pandemic world we are seeing a market shift to online sustainable media solutions, and HMI is positioned to capture a sizeable global market share in this rapidly developing space.

Stay tuned for more exciting info to come!

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