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Hubcast Provides Second-Language Broadcasts of Women's World Championship on Olympic Channel

Vancouver, BC, Canada (Aug 12, 2022) - Hubcast Media was pleased to partner with IFAF (International Federation of American Football) and Football Canada to provide the English live broadcast of the recent Women's World Football Championship games on the Olympic Channel.

Taking place in Vantaa, Finland, the international event was captured and produced by Ruutu Media while Hubcast's crew took the raw feeds and repackaged the games for English language distribution. Jim Mullin and Andrew Wadden provided live commentary from Hubcast's HQ Studios in Vancouver, Canada with Alia Palmer co-hosting from her home studio in Montreal.

This was the first of many second-language broadcasts that Hubcast Media will be providing in the coming year as we launch global hubs and studios around the world. Thanks to everyone involved for ensuring the production days ran smoothly. And CONGRATS to Team USA for taking home GOLD!


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