Hubcast Media

Creating Community Through Content

Hubcast is the next generation of new media broadcasting production, distribution, and innovations.

We are the first publicly-driven, IP--based global content production and distribution network. 



Hubcast partners with clients and content producers worldwide to create innovative and engaging content for broadcast and distribution to foster community.



Hubcast’s innovative technologies help you to share stories easily, accessibly, and cost-effectively across the globe through its distribution network, driving community engagement.



Leveraging the latest technologies along with extensive industry experience, Hubcast works with clients and content producers to create and obtain content that enhances and builds community.

Hubcast Media, as the producer of our EXCELerate 2021: GroYourBiz Global Virtual Summit Series continued over the four months of production to exceed our expectations!


The caliber of their production team, the studio, and the guidance throughout has been exceptional ... They were accommodating speakers from Canada, USA, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Although it was challenging to accommodate the different countries and time zones, it has been most rewarding to work with such a talented team.


Before choosing Hubcast, I was told they were professionals like 'TSN and/or CBC.'  This has proved to be true. I would highly recommend their services.

Barbara Mowat, President & Founder, GroYourBiz Ltd.

And Executive Director for EXCELerate 2021


hUBCAST Vancouver


hUBCAST Global