The Hubcast broadcast facility is one of North America's first fully IP based 4K capable production facility. Equipped for multi-cam production recording, broadcasting and content distribution. Our next generation HUBcasting™ technology allows our cameras to connect back to our broadcast facility no matter where they are in the world. We can set up "virtually" anywhere: venues, conference facilities, outdoor events, festivals, your living room...the sky's the limit. 


New for 2017, Phase 3 has just been completed at Hubcast Media's new home located on 10 acres in Surrey rural Port Kells area. The 5000 square foot facility is fully equipped for recording, filming & live broadcasting. Added to our 5000 sq foot facility is a new Studio "C" and a state of the art broadcast control room giving our live broadcasting projects a edge in the competitive world of "LIVE" content creation.


  • 01
    Concept Design

    We offer you pre-production, production, and post production for your requirements in either audio, video or both. We are here to tailor make your project so it is executed best, and optimizing distribution.

  • 02
    Audio Design

    From broadcast mixing to large scale live events, our team of audio engineers have the expertise to execute any style of audio engineering required.

  • 03
    Video Design

    Knowledgeable professional crews specializing in electronic field, multi-cam, on location and in studio productions.

  • 04
    Live Production

    Single / Multi-cam live or archived web broadcast on location or in the studio. ​Extend your audience reach and have the information accessible via streaming video content.