Hubcast Media Productions Presents the THC Live Series

VANCOUVER, BC, October 12, 107 - THC Live is a timely and informative weekly online series that takes a look at the social, medical, political, commercial and law enforcement ramifications of Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act. Produced by Hubcast Media Productions, THC Live provides a platform to explore the numerous topics related to the pending legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada.

The interactive series launched on September 14th and runs every Thursday for ten weeks at 4:20 pm on the show’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/THCLiveTV via the Facebook Live platform. This exciting format   allows the audience to submit questions in real-time. Viewers can sign up for the weekly newsletter with upcoming topics and guests at http://wwww.thclive.tv. 

Hosted by veteran journalist Shane Foxman and multi-talented Nikita Graham, THC Live features a wide range of cannabis advocates, opponents, health experts, politicians, law enforcement officials, patients and parents. Foxman, who spent numerous years in radio and television, is excited to be in front of the camera again and feels the timing is perfect for THC Live. “This is not a typical streamed show you’d see online,” he notes. “THC Live is a professional, multi-camera HD broadcast using the latest cameras and technology."

The scope of guests ranges from a former federal prosecutor to marijuana activists, members of parliament, patients, veterinarians, business entrepreneurs and immigration lawyers. “Our mandate is to educate the public about the legalization of cannabis.” explains Peter Young, executive producer of THC Live and president of Hubcast Media Productions. “There seems to be lots of misinformation out there. We hope to alleviate this confusion by providing facts and a cross-section of information.”

Former guests have included John Aldag, Member of Parliament for Cloverdale-Langley City, who explained Bill C-45 and its status as the federal government moves to the Bill’s third reading in parliament. Longtime advocates Don Briere and Carol Gwilt who shared how countless patients have been helped with medical marijuana and their feelings about distribution decisions in provinces across the country. Therapist Tom Littlewood, program director at Dan’s Legacy, who has dedicated his 40-year career to supporting youth and young adults affected by mental health and addiction challenges. 


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