Hubcast Media Productions Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Tiller’s Folly

VANCOUVER, BC, November 16, 2017- For the past twenty years, Tiller’s Folly has created a movement in acoustic roots music. In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, the critically acclaimed, award-winning trio featuring singer-songwriter Bruce Coughlan, multi-instrumentalist Nolan Murray and bassist Laurence Knight recently recorded a live television special at the state-of-the-art production facilities at Hubcast Media Productions. The performance took place in front of an intimate live studio audience that included fans, family and friends. Guests were treated to an evening of storytelling and music that has defined the trio for decades creating a devoted fanbase and legacy that has lasted two decades. Special guests included BCCMA fiddler of the year Mike Sanyshyn and multi-instrumentalist Eric Reed who have performed off and on with Tiller’s Folly over the past two decades. 

With roots that stretch from the mists of the Pacific Northwest, across the sea to the British Isles, and now moving into the heartland of Americana music, Tiller’s Folly has tapped into something timelessly fresh and refreshingly sincere. The unique and original sound of Tiller’s Folly comes from musicians who have years of experience in different genres. “We have become a tight, finely-tuned trio, and our music is so much more expressive,” added Bruce whose songwriting and musicianship originated with British Columbia bands Bare Facts and Hightops. 

Bruce writes all the original songs for Tiller’s Folly from extensive historical research, and has a growing list of commissioned works and soundtrack credits. “My main influences have come from musicians I have admired like Stan Rogers and Gordon Lightfoot with his Railroad Trilogy. They are my inspiration.” Meanwhile bass player Laurence has performed for over 40 years with top entertainers including the bands of Bo Diddley, Jim Byrnes and Long John Baldry. Nolan has played fiddle and mandolin with just about every top Canadian performer and with US talent like Brenda Lee, Loretta Lynn and Randy Travis. 2018 will see Tiller’s Folly release their 10th album.

What started as a Celtic group 20 years ago has become much more – it’s a whole new kind of Canadiana folk. The Maritime influence is there, but with Celtic and old-time. “There are solos, as in the jazz tradition, some improvisation – a lot of interplay that way, says Bruce.” “By adding multimedia, we have been creating a new frontier of artistic expression – a bold new movement in progressive roots music.”  

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